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Which of us has never felt a sensation of heaviness and tiredness in the lower limbs at the end of the day? Leg pain is very common and can result from injuries affecting the bones, joints, muscles, blood vessels, nerves or skin. 

It can have a musculoskeletal, vascular or neurological causes or be related to a systemic disease. The most common complaints are muscle/joint pain and venous vascular pain, associated with poor venous circulation. Each of these types of pain has different characteristics, which must be recognised in order to correctly identify the cause:

  • Musculoskeletal Pain:
    • Localised
    • Possible incidence in the joint areas
    • May worsen at the beginning of or during exercise
    • Rest usually relieves it
    • Palpation of the affected area aggravates pain
  • Venous Vascular Pain
    • Poorly localised 
    • Feeling of heaviness in the calf
    • It gets worse at the end of the day and during long periods of standing
    • Usually improves by raising the legs 
    • Swelling in the ankles

While they have different causes, any of these two types of pain may affect people's daily lives and, however many preventive measures one may adopt, sometimes the onset of a painful episode is inevitable. While there are situations in which the pain is related simply to physical exhaustion or after a very demanding exercise routine, there are others in which the origin may be associated with a more complex problem requiring a professional assessment.In either situation, for the quick relief of leg pain and a sense of well-being, cooling and toning gels/powders are the most readily available option. Most of these formulas contain ingredients that include a decongestant that will relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Em qualquer uma das situações, para o alívio rápido da dor nas pernas e uma sensação de bem-estar, o recurso a géis/pomadas tonificantes e refrescantes são uma opção de fácil acesso e utilização. A maioria destas formulações contém ingredientes que conferem uma ação descongestionante e uma melhoria ao nível da dor e da inflamação. 

Look after yourself, look after your health and CHOOSE A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE!

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30 sachets


  • Maintenance of joint and bone health
  • Prevention of cartilage degeneration
  • Recovery and prevention of sports injuries


30 Coated Tablets


  • Tiredness and lack of energy
  • Fatigue and muscle cramps
  • Maintenance of healthy bones and teeth
  • Magnesium deficiency
  • Sports activities


100 g / 150 g gel


  • Decongestant that tones and protects the epidermis

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